Online Instagram Workshop


In January 2017, we started our first business Atlas Supply Co., A backpack company for creative professionals on the go. We truly started out with a clean slate 0 sales, 0 customers, and 0 followers on social media. We weren’t already social influencers with tons of followers, we had no budget for a big marketing release, and no resources other than ourselves and the platform that instagram gave us. in January 2018, we closed out our first year with 15,300 followers on instagram, $160,000 in sales, and over 600 customers worldwide. The only place we marketed was on instagram and we spent less than $300 on ads the entire year.

We’ve seen so much hate and confusion towards the instagram algorithm. We largely attribute our success in our ventures to the algorithm! First thing you should know, the algorithm is amazing for small businesses! It actually helps level the playing field so that any sized business can grow.

People try to make social media marketing into a complicated recipe that involves being able to crunch numbers that could send a man to the moon. I’m going to help you THINK like instagram and your followers. There are rules out there like: “post once a day”, but have you ever asked WHY? The why is where it becomes easy to market and keep growing the with the ever changing algorithm, Instead of being left behind every time there is an update.



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With your purchase of this workshop, not only will you get access to everything we’ve learned testing out the algorithm in our first year, you will have unlimited access to the updated versions. We will continually test and try different approaches to our marketing strategies and you will get to benefit from that as well. Every time there is an update to this workshop, you will be emailed a link with our updated findings.